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Porn is often a backdoor into escorting. At one time, it was possible to find reviews and information on Ted Haggard's masseur and Matt Sanchez among other notables. The seemingly most comprehensive site for review and escort information in English, which covers international escorts as well, is Daddysreview - which is the successor to Hooboy (who apparently died). I find the whole thing utterly fascinating. You don't simply pay your money and get to do whatever you want. I think several of you are under a somewhat false impression of what you get from an escort, especially the "famous" ones. In the US, rates range from 250/hr (in most cases, an hour is actually more accurately labels until you achieve your first orgasm) to 500 which is considered somewhat expensive. Very high profile people like Zeb Atlas often charge more. And yes, for someone who doesn't hire, I know way too much about this stuff. Additionally, there is a forum section with discussion boards. Many self-identified "straight" escorts won't bottom or even top. The activities are mutually agreed and are often highly restricted by the escort. For many, porn is paid advertising for their escorting services which allows them to charge more. Reviews are vetted (to the degree such a thing is possible escorts are allowed to respond to reviews, and the reviewer himself is tracked for quantity and quality of past reviews. You are left with what is called "muscle worship" sessions where you can touch and fondle, but that's about. It's a subculture unique unto itself with it's own norms, luminaries, and history). Many porn actors escort either openly on things like Rentboy or more discreetly. Combined with what was salvaged from Hooboy, reviews go back to the late 1990s. Would you hire one, or would you be afraid to spoil the fantasy?


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